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Could a Japanese mushroom extract eradicate HPV?

An extract from shiitake mushrooms – AHCC – could help treat HPV infection, according to new research from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. …read more

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CDC issue interim guidance on Ebola monitoring

CDC’s new guidance for people who have been in contact with Ebola patients would restrict the movement of those at high risk but not require them to undergo mandatory quarantine. …read more

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How microbes build a powerful antibiotic

Researchers report in the journal Nature that they have made a breakthrough in understanding how a powerful antibiotic agent is made in nature. …read more

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UK healthcare workers to be quizzed about fighting Ebola in west Africa

UK healthcare workers are being encouraged to complete a survey about helping with the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. …read more

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Drones help show how environmental changes affect the spread of infectious diseases

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can collect detailed information in real time at relatively low cost for ecological research. …read more

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