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Shaking It Off This World AIDS Day

My favorite song for this year is by Taylor Swift “Shake if Off.” I love the music but I especially find the lyrics fitting. She sings about finding your own beat, doing your own thing, dancing to your own music and shaking it all off! Letting the players play and the haters hate! My […]

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Can You Believe We Are Still Alive?

In my last blog, I spoke of the “gay family” I established in NYC back in the early ’80s and how I had lost all but one to AIDS. Sadly, I lost my last remaining HIV-positive friend from those days when he died in a car crash this past May. His name was Mark […]

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Remembering World AIDS Day: a Love Story

One day the shame train arrived at the gates and out rolled another set of beats. In this particular crowd was a brick shit-house named Leo. He was six -five, layered in tats, and Cuban — in other words fucking gorgeous. Vics arrived in their orange prison garb, some came in chains, and it […]

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World AIDS Day 2014 and Selfishly Taking Care of Yourself

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since July of this year! Where has my head been at?Activists and advocates should always be on the ball! Out there on the front lines, moving the cause forward and ever “in your face.”

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How our bodies keep unwelcome visitors out of cell nuclei

The structure of pores found in cell nuclei has been uncovered by a UCL-led team of scientists, revealing how they selectively block certain molecules from entering, protecting genetic material and… …read more

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