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New Tamiflu study suggests drug does reduce flu impact considerably

The new study comes after a previous meta-analysis described Tamiflu as having “small, non-specific effects on reducing the time to alleviation of influenza symptoms in adults.” …read more

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WHO: Ebola fight ‘shifts to ending epidemic’

For the first time since June 2014, new Ebola cases in West Africa have fallen to below 100, prompting WHO to declare the fight now shifts from slowing to ending the epidemic. …read more

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Urban sprawl promotes worm exchange across species

New research has shed light on the complex exchange of parasitic worms between wildlife, rats and humans. …read more

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Schoolgirl comment points to antibiotics as new cancer treatments

Professor Michael P. Lisanti, Director of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Unit, led the research. …read more

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Ebola leads to hunger in Africa’s rice belt

It was Christmas Eve, but the streets of Freetown – the capital of Sierra Leone – were eerily silent. Families and friends did not meet for the traditional dinner to feast on Jollof Rice, a national dish that is served in all the ceremonies across the country. In December 2014, the government of Sierra […]

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