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Harmless bacteria may be helpful against meningococcal outbreaks

Nasal drops of harmless bacteria can inhibit a related bug that sometimes causes meningococcal disease, according to new findings published online in Clinical Infectious Diseases. …read more

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Recipe for antibacterial plastic: Plastic plus egg whites

Bioplastics show promise in search for antibacterial packagingBioplastics made from protein sources such as albumin and whey have shown significant antibacterial properties, findings that could… …read more

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Budget cuts undermine global health innovations protecting against threats like Ebola

As the world looks to American innovation to fight Ebola, malaria, tuberculosis, and a host of other health threats, a new report released on Capitol Hill warns budget battles in Washington are… …read more

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Fecal transplantation ‘more effective than previously thought’ for C. diff infection

Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) provides both short- and long-term benefits for patients with C. difficile infection, according to a new study. …read more

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Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is poised to spread globally among bacteria frequently implicated in respiratory and urinary infections in hospital settings, according to new research at Washington… …read more

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