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New tickborne disease found in China may pose ‘substantial health threat’

A new tickborne bacterium found in goats in northern China can cause human disease and may pose a substantial threat to humans and animals in and around the region, a study finds. …read more

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Parasite vaccines on the horizon with Xstalbio microparticle formulations

XstalBio Ltd, a leading biologic formulation and drug-delivery company, has announced it has commenced work on an €9. …read more

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Understanding the body’s response to worms and allergies

Research from The University of Manchester is bringing scientists a step closer to developing new therapies for controlling the body’s response to allergies and parasitic worm infections. …read more

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When is a child too sick for daycare? Study explores parents’ decision-making

It’s a common dilemma faced by many working parents: your child has a cough or a cold, do you send them to nursery? …read more

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2015 Vanguard Awards: Luna Luis Ortiz Archives History as It’s Happening

Zachary Frater interviews VAVA Honoree Luna Luis Ortiz (pictured here in 1986) on his art, activism and the ballroom scene …read more

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