Monthly Archives: May 2015

‘The collective is indeed a flash: it is a sudden rush of energy that occurs when all points touch.’

Avram Finkelstein and the Undetectable Flash Collective describe their working process in anticipation of Visual AIDS’ “What Is Undetectable?” event at the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY Festival. …read more

AIDS & Its Metaphors Reading: Timothy DuWhite

Watch his reading of “Joy Revisited,” “How the mouth loses a fight,” and Essex Hemphill’s “American Wedding” …read more

Tattoos may cause years of infection, itching and swelling

A survey of New Yorkers with tattoo-related complications shows high rates of infection, itching and swelling that might last for years, according to NYU Langone researchers. …read more

Controlling typhoid bacterium key to prevent gallbladder cancer in India and Pakistan

Controlling bacterial infections responsible for typhoid fever could dramatically reduce the risk of gallbladder cancer in India and Pakistan, according to a study published by Cell Press May 28th… …read more

Vulnerability found in some drug-resistant bacteria

Structural analysis of antibiotic resistance enzyme reveals possible chink in chemical armorUsing a complex modeling program that helps analyze the physical dynamics of large, structurally… …read more