Monthly Archives: May 2015

Lab work discovers bladder cell secret against urinary infection

Scientists have discovered that when bladder cells cannot neutralize bacteria in the usual way, they simply vomit up the encapsulated invaders instead. …read more

AIDS & Its Metaphors Reading: Jessica Whitbread

Watch her reading from “Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV” …read more

AIDS & Its Metaphors Reading: Pamela Sneed

Watch her February reading of “Funeral Diva” …read more

Major clinical trial supports early treatment for all HIV patients

A major international study finds HIV patients are significantly less likely to develop AIDS and other serious illnesses if they receive early treatment with antiretroviral drugs. …read more

Periprosthetic knee infections: major drain on health systems, new therapeutic approaches

Periprosthetic infections are among the most serious complications in the field of endoprosthetics. …read more