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Areas of increased poverty associated with higher rates of Ebola transmission in the 2014 outbreak in Liberia

Since October 2014 the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been diminishing and efforts have shifted from emergency response to prevention and mitigation of future outbreaks. …read more

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New form of transmissible cancer found in Tasmanian devils

Devil facial tumor disease is a contagious cancer threatening to wipe out Tasmanian devils. Now, researchers have identified a second form of transmissible cancer in the animals. …read more

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Exercise in early life affects gut flora, promoting better health

New research suggests that exercising early in life alters the gut’s microbial community, setting us up for better brain and metabolic activity later in life. …read more

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A possible new hope in treating Leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease caused by sand fly bites, is known to be a regular occurrence in 98 countries worldwide, with more than 350 million people at risk. …read more

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Ebola transmission ceases in Guinea, say WHO

Ebola transmission has ended in Guinea – 2 years after the devastating West African outbreak began in the country – and marks an important milestone for the region, say WHO. …read more

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