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Synthetic immune cells: a possible solution to antibiotic resistance?

Dr. Thomas Webster speaks to MNT about his and his team’s new creation – synthetic immune cells – which he believes could aid in the fight against antibiotic resistance. …read more

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Disease-Free, Clean and What?

I saw something written on my Facebook timeline that made me shake my head in shame.I felt a little shame for the statements and shame for the person who wrote it. I thought they were a bit more far along in being supportive of person’s living with HIV. The shame I felt morphed into […]

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What is the optimal dose of medication to prevent the evolution of drug resistance?

A new model shows that the standard practice of treating infections with the highest tolerable dose of anti-microbe medications may not be best for preventing the evolution of drug resistance in… …read more

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Toxins related to ‘red tides’ found in home aquarium

Many shore residents and beach-goers are already familiar with the health risks of “red tide,” algal blooms along coastlines that can trigger respiratory illness and other effects in people who… …read more

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Protein discovery could be key to preventing heart complications of sepsis

Proteins in the blood called histones, which are released from damaged tissues during sepsis, can cause life-threatening heart failure according to new research from the University of Liverpool… …read more

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