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HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Two (Video)

In this episode we’re looking at a selections of TV movies from 1985-1994. Also introducing the MLP Factor™, as well as asking about the term “innocent” as it applies to those living with HIV.

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Beer, chocolate intake among factors that influence the gut microbiome

Researchers from Belgium have uncovered numerous factors that influence the composition of gut microbiota, many of which are diet and lifestyle factors. …read more

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Using oxygen to sterilise medical implants could save time and money

International researchers led by the University of Bath have demonstrated a cheap, effective and environmentally-friendly way to sterilise medical implants without changing their properties, in… …read more

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Ebola virus genome provides clues to repeated disease ‘flare-ups’ in Western Africa

Ebola virus samples taken from Liberian patients in June 2015 are genetically similar to other Ebola virus sequences from Western Africa, according to new research. The study sheds light on several aspects of the ‘flare-ups’ that have occurred in Liberia since the country was declared free of the disease. Among the findings: These cases […]

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The gut microbiomes of infants have an impact on autoimmunity

Exposure to pathogens early in life is beneficial to the education and development of the human immune system. …read more

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