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Enzyme is crucial for combatting antibiotic-resistant E. coli infections

Research by bioscientists at the University of Kent and the University of Queensland is expected to pave the way for new approaches to kill bacteria that no longer respond to conventional… …read more

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Bat flu virus may be capable of infecting human cells

Are our furry bat buddies friend or foe this Halloween? An international team of scientists finds that bat flu may have the potential to transmit to humans. …read more

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Why Is My Urine Bright Yellow? Colors Changes and Causes

Abnormal urine colors have many causes, but what are they and what signs should be looked for? Learn why urine changes and when to seek medical advice. …read more

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Leukocytes in Urine: A Sign of a Urinary Tract Infection?

What are leukocytes? Learn about high levels in urine, the diagnosis and treatment of a UTI, and leukocytes in the urine during pregnancy. …read more

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    Efavirenz Side Effects Include Suicide; It Could Have Been Me

Efavirenz Side Effects Include Suicide; It Could Have Been Me

Every year come the reports about efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin), downwind from a time I will never forget. They are reminders of something I have known for over a decade: Side effects from this drug can include suicide, with clearly elevated rates in those who have concurrent mental illness or who use street drugs.


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