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How germs can make people feel insecure about their looks

New research shows that merely thinking about pathogens can make those worried about germs become concerned with their own physical appearance. …read more

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Lab Culture Ep. 7: APHL’s International Team Meeting

The APHL International Team Meeting allows for US-based APHL leadership and global health program staff and consultants working in-country to discuss organizational operations and key programmatic successes and challenges. In most cases, this is the only time during the year that these individuals have an opportunity to meet face-to-face. Participants from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, […]

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How to keep your gut healthy over the holidays

The stress of last-minute holiday preparation, followed by festive meals with calories numbering in the thousands, can wreak havoc in our guts. …read more

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Yellow fever – Nigeria

Disease outbreak news for yellow fever in Nigeria …read more

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Diphtheria – Yemen

Disease outbreak news for diphtheria in yemen …read more

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