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Mechanism of Marburg virus sexual transmission identified in nonhuman primates

New research elucidates the mechanism of sexual transmission of filoviruses, which have been shown to persist in the testes and other immune privileged sites. Sexual transmission of filoviruses was first reported in 1968 after an outbreak of Marburg virus disease and recently caused flare-ups of Ebola virus disease in the 2013-2016 outbreak. The team […]

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What is frontal sinusitis and what causes it?

The sinuses are cavities that produce mucus. If a person has frontal sinusitis, the cavities just behind the eyes become inflamed, and the mucus cannot drain correctly. Infections, allergies, or long-term health issues may be responsible. Here, we examine the causes of frontal sinusitis and how treatments vary. …read more

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How to spot and treat RSV in babies

Respiratory syncytial virus infection is common among babies and causes symptoms similar to a cold. Most of the time, it goes away within 1 to 2 weeks, but the virus can also cause severe problems with breathing in some cases. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment options for caregivers here. …read more

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    Lab Culture Ep. 16: Informatics, health equity and bat snuggles

Lab Culture Ep. 16: Informatics, health equity and bat snuggles

Joanne Bartkus, APHL’s board president and director of the Public Health Laboratory at the Minnesota Department of Health, sat down with Scott Becker, our executive director, and Gynene Sullivan, editor of Lab Matters magazine, to talk about priorities for the year. Their conversation ranged from informatics to health equity to… snuggling with a bat?!

Joanne […]

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Are red spots on the breast a sign of cancer?

There are many possible causes of red spots or a rash on the breast, including allergic reactions, infections, problems with the milk ducts, and several other skin conditions. However, red spots can sometimes be an early sign of inflammatory breast cancer or Paget’s disease of the breast. Learn more here. …read more

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