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How to treat and prevent an infected ear piercing

Ear piercings are prone to infection, especially when they are new. In this article, learn how to recognize an infection, as well as how to treat it. …read more

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Most tumors in body share important mutations

Primary and metastatic tumors within an individual all likely rely on the same mutations to grow and spread, suggesting that precision treatments could be chosen based on a single sample. …read more

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Daily aspirin shows no benefit for healthy older adults

A large clinical trial found that a daily low-dose aspirin doesn’t have the same benefits for healthy older adults as it does for those who’ve had a heart attack or stroke. …read more

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Exercise and new nerve cell growth in Alzheimer’s disease

In a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, access to exercise stimulated the growth of new nerve cells in the brain and reduced memory problems. The findings pave the way for studies in people. …read more

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How the smell of disease can affect healthy people

Disease can affect an individual’s bodily odor. New research investigates to what extent this change in smell may impact groups that share a living space. …read more

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