Monthly Archives: May 2019

What to know about dissolvable stitches

The body breaks down dissolvable stitches over time, so they do not require removal. How long these stitches take to disappear depends on their type. It is important to follow the doctor’s care instructions after having dissolvable stitches. Learn more here. …read more

What happens when you mix azithromycin and alcohol?

Azithromycin is a drug that has uses in treating bacterial infections. Mixing with alcohol may cause issues including nausea, headache, and dizziness or other problems. Learn more here. …read more

Stroke study finds mouth bacteria in brain clots

Using DNA evidence, scientists have shown that brain clot samples from people who have had ischemic stroke often contain mouth bacteria. …read more

How the gut immune system nourishes and protects

A new study in mice explains how the intestines are capable of letting nutrients through to the rest of the body while keeping harmful agents at bay. …read more

10 ways to improve gut health

The gut is home to billions of microorganisms. Many of these are beneficial to overall health. In this article, learn how to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and balance the gut microbiome. …read more