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What does it mean when a scab turns yellow?

Scabs can turn yellow as a normal part of the skin’s healing process. However, yellow scabs can sometimes indicate an infection, such as impetigo or herpes. Learn about the causes and treatment of yellow scabs and when to see a doctor here. …read more

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Plantar warts: Everything you need to know

A plantar wart is a type of wart that occurs on the sole of the foot due to a strain of HPV. Learn about the appearance and symptoms of plantar warts, as well as treatments and home remedies here. …read more

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Misdiagnosis of the ‘big three’ results in ‘serious harm’

New research finds that diagnostic errors involving cancer, infections, and vascular events often lead to death or permanent disability. …read more

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FluNet Summary

National Influenza Centres (NICs) and other national influenza laboratories from 91 countries, areas or territories reported data to FluNet for the time period from 24 June 2019 to 07 July 2019a(data as of 2019-07-19 03:31:54 UTC). The WHO GISRS laboratories tested more than 49384 specimens during that time period. 5748 were positive for influenza […]

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What can cause a tingling sensation on the scalp?

A tingling sensation on the scalp, called paresthesia, can arise for many reasons, including nerve issues, anxiety, infections, hair loss, and skin irritation. Not all types of paresthesia are unpleasant. Learn more here. …read more

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