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Why you should wash fruits and vegetables

People should always wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them. Washing them reduces the risk of consuming harmful bacteria. Learn more here. …read more

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The rise of superbugs: Facing the antibiotic resistance crisis

Policymakers have warned that we face an antibiotic resistance crisis. Why is this, what are researchers doing to address it, and what can we do right now? …read more

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APHL’s newborn screening program goes global

Outside of the US and other resource-rich nations, few countries have the capital, infrastructure and human resources required to sustain a newborn screening program. Despite these barriers, APHL staff and members have worked diligently to increase access to newborn screening worldwide. In recognition of these efforts, APHL
While much remains to be done to achieve […]

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9 in 10 people who think they are allergic to penicillin may not be

Three new studies shed fresh light on penicillin allergy, pointing out that many people who have been allergic in their childhood may no longer be so. …read more

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Targeting one gut bacterium may treat alcoholic liver disease

Scientists have successfully eradicated alcoholic liver disease in mice using a combination of viruses that target a certain toxin-releasing gut bacterium. …read more

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