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  • Getting Ready for Year 25 With HIV!
    Goodbye summer, hello early fall 2017! I'm not sure where the time goes these days. I've been meaning to blog. I want to check in, and then life hits! I'd have to go back and see where I left off before these long days began. That just feels unnecessary. Read more ...
  • After Uproar, UnitedHealthcare Reverses Truvada Prescription Policy
    When it was revealed a few days ago that insurer UnitedHealthcare, Inc. (UHC) had rejected a patient's pre-authorization claim for the drug Truvada as PrEP due to "high risk homosexual behavior," all hell broke loose. Advocates and organizations sprang into action with petitions and requests for meetings. And now, the insurer has reversed themselves -- […]
  • Insurer Denies Truvada Due to "High-Risk Homosexual Behavior"
    Discrimination against LGBT people is often once-removed, shielded under double-speak and fraudulent intentions. So, it's refreshing, really, when a company comes right out and says in black and white that gay men aren't worthy of the same protections as everyone else. Read more ...
  • Revisiting the Most Influential Gay Porn Film Ever Made
    The annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is noted for its unbridled embrace of every kinky star in our sexual constellation. Even the fearless leather community that founded the event can sometimes appear tame amidst the outlandish costumes and clothing -- and lack thereof -- on display along the city's tilted streets. Read more […]
  • We Demanded U Equals U! We Demanded the Truth and We Got It in IAS 2017
    Today is a historic day! What was hidden from us came to the light today! It was hidden for almost 10 years. We pretty much joined together and put pressure. This was demanded by us and the whole world has to know. I have been undetectable for 18 years and living with this condition for […]
  • My HIV Diagnosis Became My Opportunity to Say "Yes" to HIV Activism
    I left New York in 1987, three weeks after my diagnosis. I had just gotten married, and my husband and his son lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, so it was part of the plan. That was about the only thing that went as planned. As a newlywed and now stepmother who was newly diagnosed, I just […]
  • "Kill the Bill, Don't Kill Us!": On Capitol Hill and at Home, PWN Members and Allies Take Action to Stop Trumpcare
    This Monday, July 10, four PWN-USA members as well as a number of allies joined over 100 other constituents from 21 states in descending on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., with a very clear, explicit message for their members of Congress: "Kill the bill, don't kill us!" Read more ...
  • Health Is a Human Right and I Am Not a Carrier!
    How can you preach that you are a Christian and at the same time say that health is a privilege? How can you really not see health as a human right? So, the poor who cannot pay for health care should just DIE???? Think about it! Read more ...
  • Taboo Sex, Racism and Gay Men: A Chat in Black and White
    In thirty years of HIV work alongside black advocates, I have rarely written on the topic of race. It makes me uncomfortable, or perhaps I feel unequipped, unqualified. But it's that very hesitancy, according to black gay academic Charles Stephens, that only makes racism worse. Read more ...
  • Panel Discussion on HIV in the News and Meeting Jeanne White-Ginder (Ryan White's Mother)
    I was invited to speak on a panel called, "HIV in the News" by Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers for their End AIDS: The HIV Prevention and Outreach Summit during AIDS Education Month. I found that it was very informative because there were different prospectives on the panel. Cherri Gregg who is a reporter for […]