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  • Living With HIV and Taking Care of Your Health in Prison
    Here it is, another November, but this one has meant something very special to me. Why is that, you ask? Besides the mid-term elections in which Washington, D.C. got swept by a blue wave, the State of Oregon had its gubernatorial race again, and Governor Kate Brown won a second term. And since Oregon limits […]
  • A Short Film for World AIDS Day Has Arrived. Watch It Right Now.
    Stop what you're doing. An exhilarating new short film produced especially for people living with HIV (PLHIV) is about to grab your heart and make you stand up and cheer. Read more ...
  • The History of HIV/AIDS in One Astonishing Poem
    The team behind the 20th Anniversary Community Summit, being held in Atlanta this weekend and sponsored by ViiV Healthcare, knew how to open the event today on exactly the right foot. The first words attendees heard were the poetry of Mary Bowman, delivered by the award-winning spoken word artist herself. Read more ...
  • Thirty Years Later, AIDS Activists Who "Seized Control" Discuss Their Legacy
    The AIDS activists who regularly stormed the homes, offices and even churches of the powerful beginning in the late 1980s weren't the only ones who were scared for their lives. Read more ...
  • Why My Ex and Best Friend Li and I Broke Up After 10 Years Together and Married Legally
    This is a blog about our immigration nightmare and what we have been suffering in silence since 2008.Where do I start this very hard blog to write? I guess from the beginning. Read more ...
  • How HIV Activists Helped Create the Jeff Flake Elevator Moment
    Very little happens by accident. The most iconic moments in HIV/AIDS activism -- the appearance of the early SILENCE=DEATH meme, the footage of AIDS activist Peter Staley being peeled from a building during a protest, the photos of Sen. Jesse Helms' home wrapped in an enormous condom -- were the product of weeks of careful […]
  • Reflecting on Life and HIV Outside Prison Pending My Hoped-for Release
    As I am writing this, we are less than 60 days out till the Oregon elections and Governor Kate Brown gets re-elected or not. As we get closer to November, the reality is starting to get to me about the real possibility of being a free man once again after multiple decades of being in […]
  • Going to USCA Was My Form of Self-Care
    People were surprised to see me there!More than a conference, it is a family reunion and place to network and learn, but most importantly uplift each other. Read more ...
  • Five Takeaways From the 2018 United States Conference on AIDS
    The 2018 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), the HIV advocacy, education and networking behemoth produced by the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), is the benevolent and wealthy grandfather of the HIV conference scene. We adore him sincerely, we marvel at his station in the world and the fortitude that got him there, and we […]
  • Amazed by How Far Science Has Advanced in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV
    Hello there readers: Recently I was watching my 13-inch flat screen television, and I was absolutely floored by what I saw. I now know that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has come along way because I saw a commercial for Truvada (FTC/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). That literally made me tear up because of how far science has made […]