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  • Name HIV Activists Fiercer Than the Positive Women's Network. I'll Wait.
    You may have heard me sing the praises of The Positive Women's Network - USA (PWN) before, but until now I haven't had the opportunity to show you, up close and personal, why I believe they are the mightiest force of HIV advocacy in the country today. Now you can get a look for yourself. […]
  • And Then, I Was a Single HIV-Positive Mother
    It was back in February when my period stopped: I was late. My husband and I began to get excited; we had been trying for almost a year. Pee test after test came back negative, but as the days went on, I remained period-less. Read more ...
  • amfAR Chair Kenneth Cole Must Be Replaced. Here's Five Suggestions.
    The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has been rocked by a scandal this year that involves shoe fashion maven Kenneth Cole, who serves as amfAR Board Chair, and amfAR major donor Harvey Weinstein. (Yeah, that Harvey Weinstein. He's the gift that keeps on groping.) Read more ...
  • Making Private Testimony Public and the Impact on Social Media With HIV Activism
    When Justin's HIV Journal was on display at the Brooklyn Museum there was a discussion panel afterward on activism. It allowed me to see activists from early in the HIV epidemic and present-day activists. The one commonality that we all had was the camera. We documented our lives and other people's lives who were affected […]
  • 24 Years Ago, I Was Arrested for Having HIV and Unprotected Sex and Failing to Disclose
    On Sept. 26, 2017, it was exactly 24 years to the day that I was arrested for having HIV and unprotected sex, and not disclosing my status. This is 288 months of my life. In some cases, that's more than someone who took a life on purpose. That is roughly 8,760 days of incarceration -- […]
  • Counting My Blessings, Remaining Undetectable, and Continuing to Move Forward
    It's that time of year again. Holiday bustle. End-of-year reflections. World AIDS Day remembrances and calls to action. In my home, my days are busy, busy, and busy. I'm about to be a grandmother and couldn't be more thrilled. New life. New beginnings. Days I truly once thought I'd never live to see. Read more […]
  • Questions About HIV Criminalization Law Updates, Retroactivity, and Recidivism
    Recently, my friend in Pennsylvania, who is also a reader of my blog, sent me a printout from titled "HIV Criminalization Update: Some U.S. Nondisclosure Laws Advance, While Others Recede." The subhead that caught me was "California Law Modernizing HIV Criminalization Awaits Governor's Signature" and the line that said: "[T]he bill reduces HIV transmission […]
  • Staying on Top of Your Oral Health
    Persons living with HIV must take extra care of their bodies and minds. I have this saying I repeat to myself when things don't go as well as I think they should go after a depressing doctor's appointment: "My body wasn't given the ability to fight off a virus constantly." This includes one's oral health; […]
  • The World AIDS Day Anthem We Really Need Has Just Arrived
    Merce, the web series about a gay New Yorker living with HIV, is a little bonkers. The candy-colored musical comedy, written by and starring the singular Charles Sanchez, has "the low budget appeal of an early John Waters romp," as I wrote when season one hit your computer screens two years ago. Read more ...
  • World AIDS Day Could Mean More Than Telling Prisoners to Get an HIV Test
    As many of you have read before, this is my 27th year living with HIV, and there are no signs of me slowing down soon. Here at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI), the medical department has HIV testing. When I was at the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP), working for the HIV/AIDS Awareness Program (HAAP) […]