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  • Review: "The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" Is Trans Film Noir
    Victoria Cruz, a dogged crime-victim advocate in New York City, has taken on one last case before retirement. She wants to solve the mysterious 1992 death of Marsha P. Johnson -- a trans woman like Cruz herself -- who's body was pulled from the Hudson river after disappearing the evening before. Read more ...
  • Bisexuality
    We live in a world that seeks to label us and box individuals into various categories in order to better understand the complexity of the human race. However, these labels can often be problematic and confusing: life is much more complex than the black-and-white thinking we tend to use. I have struggled with the concept […]
  • My Miscarriage
    It was back in February when my period stopped: I was late. My husband and I began to get excited; we had been trying for almost a year. Pee test after test came back negative, but as the days went on, I remained period-less. Read more ...
  • USCA Plenary Halted by Trans Activists
    The United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), celebrating thirty years of teaching practical skills to HIV service providers, found itself the target of old-school activism on Friday when transgender activists stopped the plenary program to voice their frustrations about being underrepresented by the organizations in attendance and by the conference itself. Read more ...
  • "As Much as I Can" Lifts Up Black Gay Men ... and Blows Your Mind
    As Much as I Can, the theatrical event playing in Baltimore September 7-14, isn't content with merely showing you the lives of gay black men in a city plagued with high rates of HIV infection. Instead, this emotionally searing production takes us by the hand -- quite literally -- and leads us to the middle […]
  • DaddyBear App Hooks Up Gay Men "Not Living With HIV"
    The entire concept of the DaddyBear dating app -- rich daddies are waiting by their iPhones to shower lonely bears with gifts and romance -- is pathetic and hilarious. Their stated position on the HIV status of those daddies and bears, however, is frightening. Read more ...
  • Y'all Look! It's the First Redneck HIV Prevention PSA!
    The good people at Thrive Alabama has been working their butts off for years, covering twelve counties in northern Alabama with five free clinics and vans that travel country roads you would never find on your GPS just to fetch clients for appointments and get them home again. Read more ...
  • My Response to Someone Who Denies Undetectable = Untransmittable
    This was a response to a person I will not name because this is about all of us living with #hiv and our allies! I believe in respect above all and each individual has the human right to express himself! But, sometimes they hurt us and in many cases without that intention. I hope you […]
  • Do Not Lose Yourself to Your Circumstances
    How long has it been my friends? I cannot tell you the last time I wrote a blog. It feels like decades have past. Although it has not been that long, it has been a while. Many changes have happened in my life. Some you may hear about, and some you may never know. Yet, […]
  • Please Help Lark Lands, an Old Friend of the HIV Community, Now Battling Cancer
    I remember clearly when I met Lark Lands, Ph.D., for the first time in 1994. I saw her coming into a room full of activists in Los Angeles to speak about options to live healthy and survive HIV. This was a time of despair for many of us, as our health was declining and our […]