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  • America: A Poem
    America,Land of Opportunity for the RichRisk of Opportunistic Infectionsfor the poor, living with HIV Read more ...
  • Finally! The Sexy Gay PrEP Video We've Been Waiting For.
    "PrEP is a prevention strategy that deals with sex, namely bareback sex," says gay film student Chris Tipton-King, "and I got tired of people tip-toeing around that fact." The young Bay Area resident had never seen a PrEP video that didn't somehow sanitize sex or the desires of gay men. "Everything I had seen about […]
  • Those Offended by #NoJusticeNoPride Should Learn LGBT History
    When #NoJusticeNoPride blocked the D.C. Pride parade route on June 10, causing an hour delay to an already epic three-hour parade, you could hear the ice cubes impatiently rattling in Bloody Mary glasses for blocks. Revelers at three locations on the route were forced to contend with (mostly black and latinx) protesters, women and trans […]
  • What One Day Can Do!
    Undetectable! All organs and blood panel are perfect! So yeah! It was temporary insanity and stress that I brought on myself and external situations that are eating them! The medicine works but it is up to me to control my stress and rage for so many problems we have in the U.S. government, in the […]
  • 12 Years infected With HIV; HIV Medications Complera vs. Odefsey
    We are now empty nesters. Good luck to both of my sons Lundyn and Tavis. They are in separate cities adulting. They are both good boys and now I can say, young men. A part of becoming a parent is learning how to let go. I've had to learn that, even though it was a […]
  • The True Love Story Behind Larry Kramer's Novel "Faggots"
    The new POZ Magazine feature article, "Finding Larry Kramer," tells the behind-the-scenes story of how the iconic activist found his way back to GMHC nearly thirty years after the organization kicked him out for being such a pain in the ass. It is an intimate look at an American hero and lion in winter. Read […]
  • Justin at the END AIDS: The HIV Prevention and Outreach Summit in Philadelphia
    June is AIDS Education Month and I have some great news. Philadelphia FIGHT, an AIDS service organization, has asked me to join a panel for Philadelphia's AIDS Education Month Summit on Jun. 7 in the morning at the PA Convention Center. The panel discussion will be around the subject matter of HIV in the media/news. […]
  • Justin Goes Zip Lining, Parasailing, Encounters Dolphins and Snubaing in Labadee Haiti, Cozumel and Costa Maya Mexico
    Sometimes it is just good to let your hair down. Being HIV positive doesn't mean you have to stay at home but it might mean you need to get out of bed and enjoy life. There were many times, I felt depressed when I was first diagnosed. Life is a celebration and I say live […]
  • When I Refused My HIV Medication as Protest, Uncomfortable Truths Emerged
    I learned so much about how people view autonomy when I went on a #medstrike. I stopped taking my anti-HIV medication to amplify the community demands that the CEO of a Philadelphia nonprofit step down, and although the combined and escalating efforts demanding the departure of the head of the Mazzoni Center were successful, and […]
  • AIDS, Love and Desperation at the Louise Hay Ride
    The hall, an auditorium in a West Hollywood park, was filled to overflowing. Hundreds of people, nearly all of them gay men, were crushed together in folding chairs, seated on the floor, or crowded in overflow areas by the doors. I sat fidgeting in my seat, a first-timer to this event, and beside me was […]