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  • Going to USCA Was My Form of Self-Care
    People were surprised to see me there!More than a conference, it is a family reunion and place to network and learn, but most importantly uplift each other. Read more ...
  • Five Takeaways From the 2018 United States Conference on AIDS
    The 2018 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), the HIV advocacy, education and networking behemoth produced by the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), is the benevolent and wealthy grandfather of the HIV conference scene. We adore him sincerely, we marvel at his station in the world and the fortitude that got him there, and we […]
  • Amazed by How Far Science Has Advanced in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV
    Hello there readers: Recently I was watching my 13-inch flat screen television, and I was absolutely floored by what I saw. I now know that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has come along way because I saw a commercial for Truvada (FTC/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). That literally made me tear up because of how far science has made […]
  • Support for My Clemency Application, Update of Oregon HIV Criminalization Laws
    Hello there readers: If you have been following my blog regularly, then you know that I have been in prison for more than two decades for non-disclosure of my HIV status, which got me a long sentence. I have been in awe of how much things have changed over the years. States like California have […]
  • Important HIV Cure Survey -- Calling All Women Living With HIV in the U.S. to Participate!
    I made this video to discuss the importance of women living with HIV to participate in research that affects our lives. In order for women to receive care and treatment that works for us -- our bodies and our lives -- we need to make our voices and needs heard. Women are often under-represented in […]
  • Surviving My Choices
    Hello, it's been a minute since I wrote a blog. I am reminded of Long-Term Survivor Day as it approaches. I was diagnosed in 1997. I suspected until yesterday I was given this condition through a sex partner as a teenager. My first boyfriend died of AIDS-related complications in 1994. He received several blood transfusions […]
  • Candidate Kevin Mack Includes Life With HIV in Maryland Campaign
    The garden party fundraising event last month in Montgomery County, Maryland, had all the usual markers of a political candidate on the rise. Well-dressed children frolicked on the lawn of the stately home while guests helped themselves to finger foods and glasses of wine. Several elected officials made appearances. There was even an iconic Olympic […]
  • Mental Health and HIV in Prison
    Recently, I was reading the title of my blog, which is "HIV on the Inside."Originally, I meant HIV inside these prison walls. After giving it some thought, I want it to mean the HIV inside my body and how it affects me mentally, emotionally, and socially, as well as in whatever other aspects it could […]
  • What Is an HIV Long-Term Survivor? Five People With HIV Grapple With the Question
    HIV Long-Term Survivor's Day is here! I have often wondered whether I am considered a long-term survivor. I've been positive for only 13 years. I personally don't know whether I am considered a long-term survivor, but it has somewhat felt that way. I've buried friends that have denied their own HIV status; because of stigma […]
  • Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS Speak Up About Their Legacy
    Just in time for the annual HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day on June 5, The Reunion Project has released a new video in which people who have lived with HIV for decades discuss their legacy. It's quite a remarkable thing, to watch a parade of faces filled with history as they consider what they have […]