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Do feminine hygiene products actually lead to a higher risk of infection?

Many women may view using intimate hygiene products, such as washes or wipes, as a necessity. But new research suggests that they may, in fact, be harmful. …read more

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World’s thinnest material may prevent implant infection

New research shows that graphene spikes, when displayed vertically on a surface, kill off bacteria and prevent them from triggering an infection. …read more

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Study suggests way to improve flu vaccines

Current flu vaccines mainly target the virus surface protein hemagglutinin. A study suggests that vaccines designed to target neuraminidase might be more effective. …read more

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Lingering feelings over daily stresses may impact long-term health

Researchers found that people who continued to have negative feelings about a stressful event the day after were more likely to have health issues ten years later. …read more

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Disrupting normal hormone cycle spurs fat cells

In mice, interfering with the natural cycle of a certain hormone spurs development of fat cells. The finding may help explain how stress and conditions that affect hormone levels can cause obesity. …read more

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