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Many with mild traumatic brain injury don’t receive follow-up care

A study suggests that people with long-term symptoms from concussions may not be receiving treatments that could improve their physical and mental health. …read more

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How to slow down Ebola

The phylogenetic tree of the 2013-2016 Ebola epidemic doesn’t just tell us how the Ebola virus was able to evolve: it also reveals which events and preventive measures accelerated or slowed down its spread. These findings open up new perspectives for the containment of epidemics. …read more

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Bubonic plague 1,000 years older than previously thought

Researchers have just found and analyzed the oldest bubonic plague genome, revealing that the origins of the plague as we know it go back 4,000 years. …read more

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Bacteriophages: A replacement for antibiotics?

A new study tests the possibility of using bacteriophages — viruses that kill bacteria — to treat gastrointestinal problems. The results are encouraging. …read more

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What do yellow toenails mean?

There are several possible causes of yellow toenails, including fungal infection and overuse of nail polish. This symptom can sometimes indicate a more serious condition, such as yellow nail syndrome. In this article, we look at why toenails might become discolored, and how to prevent and treat yellow toenails. …read more

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