The human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) is a communicable disease in humans and animals. It has spread across the world and yet is unknown to many. The virus drastically affects the immune system and as a result acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) causes death in the HIV infected persons. This virus is classified in the 4th group of unassigned order. This virus belongs to Retroviridae and its subfamily as Orthoretrovirinae. It belongs to the genus of Lentivirus with two types of species. So far no medicines are discover to kill this deadly virus. It is classified in 2 stage as Type I and Type II. The type I can be only extended its days from death and type II is a fatal and death is the only result. Hope there will be a solution for these HIV-Aids infected people who are around millions in numbers. This is the most dangerous and deadly viral disease of the present century. Many countries of the world are conducting frequent awareness programs and trying to develop a permanent solution for this killer virus known since the 20th century. The first source of information is available from the African continent since the tribal people of this region had body contacts with the Chimpanzees and the monkeys.

Spread and Symptoms

HIV is spread through the body fluids mainly from semen, pre-ejaculate, vaginal fluids, breast milk and blood transfusions. Sexual intercourse with unprotective sex in multiple partners including the gay is the main cause of spreading HIV. Here HIV can be transmitted in the pre-ejaculate from men to women in her mouth or inside her vagina. The semen of men do carry the HIV virus. Therefore having oral sex or intercourses with an infected person will lead to transfer of this disease. This disease can be transmitted to men in contact with the vaginal fluids of infected women by oral sex or through sexual intercourse. Similarly women can also get infected through their male partners. This is also prevalent among the gay or lesbian community where forceful act of sexual activity may lead to rupture of blood vessels and partners may get infected in a short period of time. Since the unknown time the HIV was spread through blood transfusion all over the world. That’s why there is no specific region which can be isolated as an HIV affected area. The symptoms of the disease are very slow and may take up to 10 years span to rear up since the HIV has entered in to a person. Either the type I HIV will have no symptoms until it is found in any of our blood tests which may carry the HIV testing too. The type II HIV cases may take weeks to 8-10 years time to manifest symptoms after getting infected. In such cases the human immune system begins to dysfunction since the virus spreads in such a way that our natural anti bodies can’t fight with the HIV virus. Hence a person may get cold or fever, it will take a longer time to cure than the usual. Most of its symptoms are tiredness, flu fever and headache.

Prevention and Cure

The HIV/AIDS is only preventable with safe sex with multiple partners. This is also applicable to the gay and lesbian partners. The use of men and women contraceptives is safer with a 99% of safety rate. It is advisable to use a condom and women’s condom while indulge in sex. Whenever a blood transfusion is taking place kindly check for the HIV negative blood before transferring the blood to a patient. Avoid needle sharing among the drug users and also in health centers. There is no permanent cure for HIV/AIDS. Only a few treatments are available to increase the capacity of body immune systems to extend the life span of a patient for a few years. These antibody treatments are advised with a lot of protein rich food to consume by the HIV infected patients.

Research and Development

Since 1981, to the present days only many researches on type-I is going on all over the world and so far no permanent vaccine or medicine is developed for treating the Aids which is caused by a deadly virus named HIV. So far there are few medicines approved by the W.H.O and FDA for treatment of AIDS all over the world as a common medicine which will be available to all those infected peoples. These are mainly the antiretroviral drugs. The other social development is going on rapidly for prevention of this disease. This is undergone in all countries to educate its society about sex and blood contact and use of contraceptive are the major development happened so far to curb the spread of AIDS.

History of HIV

The fist HIV case was discovered in the USA when a lab test was carried out on a drug user. His blood contained the HIV and was first seen in 1981 who was a common needle sharer for using drugs. But how he got this infection is still unknown. This virus became the center of study sine it killed this patient. In 1982 its name was approved as AIDS by the CDC. Since than any long term symptoms occurring on humans were permitted to test for HIV infection. It was surprising that many were dying of this infection since last 3 centuries. The first origin was known from the African tribes having sex with the chimpanzees. They were the sole reason to spread AIDS all over the worlds in two century time gap. Now this virus creates utmost fear for anyone getting married or indulging in unprotected sex. It is also a fearful factor while taking treatments from unhygienic health centers.


The AIDS is caused by HIV infection and there is no cure for it. There are only preventive ways one can be spared from its infection. These are related to sexual activities and safer sex is always advisable to avoid such type of infections. This is a contagious disease by blood infections only. It doesn’t spread through staying with an AIDS patient or sharing his utensils or other articles which are commonly used. It doesn’t spread through air, water, food or living together with an HIV infected person. Let us hope, a permanent vaccine will be developed very soon for this deadly virus. W.H.O. has advised all peoples of the world to test for the HIV, since once tested Negative may not be the case as permanently negative. This infection takes many years to get full fledge effect on humans.